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HotmixPRO Giaz, the umpteenth revolution brought by the HotmixPRO range in the world of cooking, completely renews an existing technique - the pure reduction of a frozen product - through the use of innovative and intuitive technological solutions. It allows you to optimize the efficiency of each kitchen, allowing you to store any type of frozen preparation and to mill / emulsify it later. Ideal for the instant preparation of ice creams and sorbets, but also of creams and emulsions in general, it is a perfect management and organization system for all those preparations that lend themselves to being stored in a refrigerated environment.

With its characteristics of ease of use, practicality, power, speed and ergonomics, HotmixPRO Giaz guarantees unrivalled performance on the market. The automated management system via production software, then, allows you to completely focus on what really matters: the management of the kitchen, and your own creativity.

In fact, not only does HotmixPRO Giaz make it possible to optimize production by pre-producing preparations and minimizing waste, but it also offers a complete organization and control solution, thanks to innovative software that stores what has been prepared and stored, and in what quantities. It will no longer be necessary to keep a separate note of what we have in the various glasses in the freezer, HotmixPRO Giaz will always remind us how much product we still have for each recipe, the date of production and expiration, and will automatically use the right work settings recognizing the preparation from the container inserted.

3 different blade feed speeds to enhance the user's creativity and to speed up, if necessary, the execution time.
10 portions in just 60 seconds. It is possible, for a portion, to obtain up to a maximum of 4 descents even at rotation speed and/or descent of the blades different from each other.

Entirely made of stainless steel.

Internet connection for software updates and remote assistance in the event of faults.

Able to make portions of only 16 grams, or more traditionally of about 80g.

The smartphone application shows the number of glasses in the freezer, their contents, the number of portions available in each glass and the expiry date. By inserting one of these glasses into the machine, the chef only has to set the number of portions to be processed; all the other working parameters will be automatically linked to that glass, thus making the use of the machine truly efficient and quick.

Capable of emulsifying both at 1.5 bar pressure and atmospheric pressure, deciding between three different rising speeds of the blades and repeating the function up to 4 times even at different speeds.

Up to 10 servings of 80 grams in just 60 seconds.

Large glass capacity: 1.8 litres for 16 useful portions of about 80g each, or up to 80 mini portions of 16 grams. Can also be used with 1l glasses, guaranteeing absolute compatibility with all glasses on the market.

The innovative design with 45° opening allows to carry out every blade assembly and disassembly operation in absolute comfort, making cleaning an ergonomic and simple operation.

Storable and customizable parameters.

Entirely built in Italy.

The special hooking of the blades prevents them from unhooking in any situation.

It guarantees extremely silent machining, thanks to the special cutting design of the blades and to the glass closed in the special work area.

The cutting blade is separated from the emulsion blade because it is the only one that can deteriorate over time, with the advantage of lower maintenance costs.
The cutting blade also has a conical design, ensuring less noise and eliminating the risk of breakage due to poor freezing or gaps inside the glass.